Testimonials from Teachers

“Our students are always happily bounding to the doorway when it is their Rollins Reading time. We notice a positive and forward movement from one skill to the next such as from letter identification to letter/sound association, from letter/sound association to sounding out words, or from learning “no excuse words” to reading them in books. Many students are brought up to benchmark reading standards with an extra punch from Rollins Reading. Their confidence and pride shines when they experience this learning.” 
-Angela Savage, Grant School Kindergarten Teacher

“Students receiving the extra dose of reading have gained a higher level of confidence in their personal reading ability. The students often share their new knowledge concerning reading strategies with their peers and have shown vast improvement in their reading scores. Because of The Rollins Reading Company program, the participating students were given the opportunity to gain crucial life skills in reading which will benefit them for years to come. Without a doubt, The Rollins Reading Company program should continue.”
-Sherlyn Williams and Lurie Krumm, Grant School First Grade Teachers

“The extra dose of reading had an enormous impact on our students’ learning and achievement. Students who are behind in reading need to make up a year’s progress to catch up and the Double Dose reading program helps to achieve that. Our students were definitely able to transfer what they learned and practiced in Rollins Reading program to their classroom reading.”
-Jenifer Hartz, Grant School Second Grade Teacher

“The Rollins Reading Double Dose program is currently empowering students at Grant School from kindergarten to second grade.  The students who participate are receiving specific interventions in the area of literacy in a small group setting with a veteran teacher.  Each week, the students are supported to obtain a double dose of instruction as they build on their phonics skills, phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, reading fluency and reading comprehension.  I have had the opportunity to not only have students from my classroom benefit greatly through the Rollins Reading Double Dose program, but now as the principal, I have also observed students actively participating in the program.  Through both of these experiences, I have seen students not only develop their literacy skills, I have also seen their confidence soar.  Students are eager to share the stories they are reading, teach about word families to staff, and take their knowledge back in their classroom to apply their new skills.  Currently the program supports 54 students who otherwise, would not have the learning opportunity of double dose reading instruction and support.”
-Jen Wingert, Grant School Principal and former classroom teacher