Grant Montessori Parents and Other Quotes

”My 3 year old has really grown since coming to Grant Montessori. I couldn’t believe it had only been a few weeks because she has advanced so quickly and really come into her own.” Grant Montessori Parent – L. L.

“The Montessori curriculum is incredible. We’ve seen the benefits in so many academic, social and emotional areas, but especially in the solid foundation it gave our child in math. My only regret is that the program wasn’t in place when our oldest started school! The teachers at Grant Montessori exhibit the perfect mix of warmth and structure that we, and I think all parents, dream of for their kids. What’s not to love? Amazing teachers, facilities, diversity and curriculum – not to mention the food! We were really impressed by the individualized approach to education at Grant Montessori. The teachers immediately tuned into our child’s strengths and challenge areas and kept in frequent contact with us about his progress." Former Grant Montessori Parent – E.W.

“The Grant Montessori Preschool is a classroom for twenty students nestled within Grant School. This preschool provides a unique classroom experience for children ages 3-5 to take their learning interests and classroom materials to create an educational climate supportive of their individual readiness. Daily, students focus on work that builds confidence and skills in the areas of math, literacy, citizenship, exploration, communication, and self-monitoring. As a valued part of our Grant School community, Grant Montessori Preschool provides a wonderful setting for students with various backgrounds to begin their school experience in a warm, nurturing environment that only supports their preschool growth but also creates a powerful avenue into their future elementary school learning." – Jen Wingert, Grant School principal and former teacher.

“The teachers are experienced, knowledgeable, and caring. We are impressed with the strides our (typically shy) daughter has made in her social and intellectual development in her first six months in the program. Our daughter summed up our evaluation of the program herself when, at the end of the school day she refused to leave, saying 'I want stay here all the time'.” Grant Montessori Parent – D.M.