Program Highlights

The Rollins Reading Double Dose program provides additional reading instruction for children who need a little extra help to achieve grade-level literacy. Each child receives DOUBLE reading lessons to improve achievement -- one lesson with the classroom teacher and one lesson with the Rollins Reading teacher in a small group setting.  This program was founded in 2010.

Who: Children in kindergarten through second grade who need a little extra assistance to achieve grade-level literacy.

Why: The early grades are the best time to support children in their literacy development. Extra small group instruction helps ensure that participating children reach and maintain grade-level literacy.

What: Small group reading lessons are 30 minutes each during the school day (3-5 days per week).

Teacher: Susan Maglich is a certified reading instructor and an award-winning teacher with nearly 40 years of experience in the Columbia Public Schools.

Classroom Teacher observations:
According to classroom teachers, Rolllins Reading students show improvement in:


Double Dose Reading Program
Grant Elementary School
(Columbia Public Schools)
10 East Broadway
Columbia, MO 65203