Program Highlights

Rollins Reading Double Dose Program provides additional reading instruction for children who are behind their peers in literacy achievement. Each child receives DOUBLE reading lessons to improve achievement -- one lesson with the classroom teacher and one lesson with the Rollins Reading teacher in a small group setting.  This program was founded in the fall of 2010 and continues each year.

Who: Children in kindergarten through second grade who are behind their peers in literacy.

Why: Children need extra reading instruction to catch up to their peers when they are behind. The early grades are the best time to support children in their literacy skills.

What: Small group reading lessons are 30 minutes each during the school day (3-5 days per week).

Teacher: Susan Maglich is a certified reading instructor and an award winning teacher.

Classroom Teacher observations:
According to classroom teachers, Rolllins Reading students show improvement in:


All graduates of the Double Dose program continue to maintain yearly reading gains at or above grade level.

Double Dose Reading Program
Grant Elementary School
(Columbia Public Schools)
10 East Broadway
Columbia, MO 65203